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Lea Goldman Is a Shot-caller Among Shot-callers

When Lea Goldman ’98 joined Marie Claire in 2008, there seemed to be a running cliché in women’s magazines: a credit card frozen in a block of ice. The symbolism was used in advice columns and articles, and sometimes in illustrations for those columns and articles. It spoke to the narrow and increasingly outdated notion that women couldn’t make their own decisions, financial or otherwise — a concept proven wrong not only by the women reading the magazines but also by Goldman herself.
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Cover Story: CNN's Poppy Harlow

CNN anchor and correspondent Poppy Harlow is driven by the search for truth.
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​13 Women Inspired by Lean In to Seek Office

What would you do if you weren't afraid? It's the question Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and writer Nell Scovell ask in the first chapter of their book, Lean In, which was published three years ago today. While some remain skeptical of the book's idealism, for many women, it provided the last bit of confidence needed to fulfill their dream of running for office.
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George R.R. Martin thinks he's better than Tolkien

Appearing at a Staten Island Yankees game this summer, "Game of Thrones" mastermind George R.R. Martin talks how his stories go further than his peer, J.R.R. Tolkien
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Media profile: Chalkbeat strikes delicate balance in education news

As the education news network Chalkbeat looks to expand, it faces the challenge of extending its reach beyond ed-world insiders—while also serving a niche community that can be sharply divided over the very issues it covers.
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Hold the tea parties: 'Willowbrook' dolls are real American girls

Cara, a half-Latina with brown eyes and long blond hair, is an entrepreneur, always coming up with new company ideas. She's crafty, curious, opinionated and sharp. She does not have a hairbrush that matches her shoes, nor a bright pink Jeep. And that tea party will just have to go on without her.
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Inside the tech divide in O.C. schools

Schools across the county are rushing to put more technology in the hands of their students, a move fueled in part by new state standards and an increasing expectation that these students will compete in an increasingly digitized workforce after they graduate. “Common Core just brings it all together,” Martinez said.
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Study: Staten Island's creative workforce in decline

Staten Island is the only borough in the city experiencing a decline in its creative workforce, a new study has found. Even though the number of cultural nonprofits here has doubled over the past decade, the borough is still relatively inhospitable when it comes to the 2,694 artists, designers and other creative professionals who work here, the Center for an Urban Future suggests.
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Nonprofits face key challenge: Programs for the public or maintaining facility

From its Grymes Hill driveway, the headquarters of Casa Belvedere Italian Cultural Center boasts villa-like landscaping, a towering facade and astounding harbor views. But on a visit this past winter, the mansion's interior was not as pristine, at least not yet. The structure's walls on its upper level and basement were gutted and barren.
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The uncertain future of art at one Staten Island elementary school

"I'm so nervous I could throw up and pass out," a fourth-grader at P.S. 57 tells a classmate as the two walk toward their school's auditorium. The students were on their way to the Write-a-Play Festival at the school in the Park Hill section of Clifton, comprised almost entirely of plays they wrote and will perform before their parents in a matter of minutes — a fact none of them takes lightly.
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I listened to a play on the Staten Island Ferry and so can you

It was not quiet on the set of "Ferry Play" when the show began. Dozens of tourists pushed to find their places, positioning their cell phones and cameras to the front, yelling at one another in different languages to come closer, stepping on toes and uttering insincere apologies. The set was the Staten Island Ferry and I was listening through my earphones.
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Air Guitar hero: Staten Island's Airistotle in World Championship

Before he even takes the stage, the crowd goes wild for Airistotle. Shielding his eyes from the spotlights, the boyish 26-year-old entertainer looks out onto his audience, a "wow" taking shape across his mouth. A young lady in the front row screams her intentions to be the mother of his child. Another man demands he remove his top.
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I grew up in California. After writing for an NBC affiliate in San Diego, I worked as a reporter at the Orange County Register, covering everything from crime to education to this one really smelly plant. Now, you'll find me on Staten Island, covering arts and entertainment for the Staten Island Advance and still thinking winter is an interesting concept.



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